Working and the Legal practice course









The legal practice course cost may end up being the deciding factor in whether you are able to continue with your legal career seeing as the LPC can cost arm and leg.  You may need to consider taking a loan to cover the cost or you could work whilst doing your LPC – bit crazy?… Read the rest

How to develop commercial awareness

The crux of commercial awareness is that you need to understand how businesses make money – this is key.

When you’re applying for training contracts, jobs and legal placements and vacation schemes, your commercial awareness needs to be demonstrated. You need to show what you understand about money and industry. … Read the rest

Top 5 Bad things about being a law student


Being a law student has its advantages, but there are some things are just plain annoying. Here are our top 5 bad things about being a law student.

1. So much reading, seriously so much…!

It’s basically never ending. You think you’ve done it, that’s it, no more for the day and then you realise there’s still more to do.… Read the rest

Law Work Experience

Law Work Experience – do you need it? Well, the short answer is, yes!

You may ask yourself, why is it so important to gain work experience in law? Surely, recruiters are more interested in your grades.? Recruiters want it all; they want the grades, the personality, the presence and the work experience!… Read the rest

Commercial Awareness – what is it?

Commercial Awareness – what is it?

You must have all heard the term Commercial Awareness being bashed around at University and how you need it to get past an interview and become a lawyer.

So what is commercial awareness?

Commercial awareness can be viewed as having a particular mind set.… Read the rest

Proprietary Estoppel – what is it?


Have you got a proprietary estoppel essay question and need help? Well you’ve come to right place, let’s talk proprietary estoppel!

What is proprietary estoppel?

Proprietary estoppel is a legal doctrine within Land / Property Law. It can be used as part of a claim for ownership to land or property, particularly where it is disputed.… Read the rest

Dissertation Advice

Dissertation Advice

You’re just reaching the last hurdle of your law degree and up comes the dissertation module. What to do for the dissertation topic? In need of some dissertation advice? Well this is the article for you, The Law Edge share some tips and dissertation advice for you to think about when undertaking your dissertation.… Read the rest